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A little bit about me...


My name is Ofir Yona, a family man and a photographer.

I have been passionately documenting people's special moments for years.

over time I changed styles, cameras, dreams but ever since I started this profession I always loved capturing the everyday life around me.

I am passionate about connecting to the natural flow of energy, to see the gentle and the powerful as two sides of the very same thing


On this great and important day which is your wedding day, it is most important that you feel like the best possible version of you.

Free yourself from the every day life and celebrate your relationship, empower it, immerse in it, and allow me to be there to document it all.


I join weddings to support, connect and become a part of what you have already created.

I will be there to help you capture and preserve all these very important moments for the day after, your anniversaries and for many years to come.


Together with your family, friends, nearest and dearest we will celebrate your happy day and turn it into a memory to remain with you always and forever.